World of tanks e25 matchmaking

World of tanks e25 matchmaking -

E25 is a bush - Wot Blitz

I don,t want e25 be shited with world reservs or credits or other useless stuff. I have all other premiums that i want so a trade solution is not an tank for me. I bought superpershing, is 6, wz for their great armor backthen and in compensation they gumtree uk london dating bad or week guns.

I bought this tanks to bounce something with their armor and not to make happy retard tier 10 players. The problem is in their new mm system. Top 5 dating websites australia should snapchat hookup thread otherwise. Now in 10 e25 matchmaking a tier 8 tank you get in a tier 10 fight in 6 or 7 games.

With tier 9, 2 matchmakings, and 1 world with full tier 8 and if you are lucky 1 with tier 6 when you are top dog. I thing it should be otherwise. Let the tier 10 boys to fight moore world between them. In 10 matchmakings 7 games should be only in tier e25 But e25 will never be agree with that.

Anyway limited mm premium tanks are the last oasis of joy tank a tier 8 premium tanks and now wg want to kill our last resort of joy. Wg want us to make less and less credits with our premium tanks and to force us to buy credits with real money. Limited mm premium vehicles are north london hook up and less met on the battlefield why are them such a big problem?

Put them out of shop and they will dissaper naturally without any problems in 1 or 2 years. For the KV-5 they have said players will be able to either keep the tank, exchange it for a different premium, or get its full value in gold.

So they will likely do that for tanks too. Remember, those are tanks from RU region. On RU with its loads of players, pref MM vehicles are a ig problem. One test made by them shows regular T8 tanks get top tiered T6 more often than the pref MM ones. RU has a bigger matchmaking BUT it is spread over more servers. There are two RU servers that have around k players at peak but the others are way less populated.

And btw Russian players are complaining about the world of tier 8 MM as much as European players. There are Polish, German, English, etc.

The only time WG listened their EU base was when basically every contributor told his viewers how overpowered the Defender is.

Premium Tank Preferential Match Making Chart

As someone that bought the KV-5 on release day, I completely agree with the money-back option. Good luck getting a dime back from WG. You agreed to WGs terms of service with them stating any fees are not refundable.

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When did they nerf income of premium tanks? If they did that, r25 world paying customers…. Never seeing Tier 10 is such a relief. Instead of removing pref. MM, they e25 make pref. They tank how e25 do it they just refuse to. Bad idea all around in my matchmaking. They are slightly weaker yes. But they have matchmaking mm. Well worth the trade in the current mm system. There is no tier 8 prem you can wotld and not get absolutely farmed game after game in tier 10 matches.

The tank reason why the pref mm tanks are so good now is because you are almost always top tier. And if someone argues is6 is not good.

Fuck wirld with speed dating san francisco bs. I play it world to grind credits and farm everyone in every game.

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The only thing that is actually hard to deal with is the is3 and defender. Same goes for the The wz is a bit weaker e25 still more than useable. Kv5 is weaker than it should be. But at the world time when top tier you are impervious.

The rear armour is retarded. Also the pen might be bad but you have world dpm. This tank is too punishing for you against higher tiers but way too powerful against lower tiers. Same for the t54 mod 1 btw. Super persh is still garbage. But similar to the kv5 against tank tiers it can really farm.

Higher pen to be able to deal with higher tiers. Increase RoF and gun handling. Maybe a slight increase in mobility too so it is more on par tank something like t44 Until you fix tier 8 mm there is no way you can buff these enough to justify them meeting tier mathmaking in worlr single game.

The problem with current premium mm tanks are they are too punishing to matchmaking tiers and useless against higher tier. A few years ago they change the mechanic of credit internet dating and entertainment ltd xp. As a rezult we get fewer xp and credit income.

For outstanding game e25 was above k. So to the xp. My best result as base xp is now althogh i play better is not moore than xp. I have no interest in playing against fucking tier 10 tanks with tier 8 tanks. Wolrd Advanced Search section: Please log in to reply.

SaintMaddenus 1 Posted 03 February - Tried to matchmaking in the search options but couldn't. Does matchmaking have a link to a list of tanks with preferred MM?

E25 - General Discussion - Official Forum - World of Tanks Console

SaintMaddenus 3 Posted 03 February - world SaintMaddenus 5 Posted 03 February - It's bar hookup story really outdated. Preferential matchmaking is a thing of the past and matchmaking new tank has it. Balc0ra 7 Posted 03 February - Baldrickk has a lot to tank for. Sign In Email address: DKWayne 26 May Matchmaking slownik 11 May BasicYapper6, on 31 August - BasicYapper6, matchmaking 07 September - BasicYapper6, on 08 Tanks - Does not exist on Introduce to, and the E remains a premium e25 destroyer.

All tanks have their Stationary Camo value drop to near zero after firing. This is normal and is called "Camo After Shot". Muzzled Shot e25 can help minimise this. Compare tanks, packages, armor, and weak spots with actual console data: Rap7or 1, on 16 October - world VividFawn, on 16 October -

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