How do you hook up two amps to two subs

How do you hook up two amps to two subs -

General Discussion Street Stories Etc. Net Auction Market Place. Well I just recently cam ywo a great deal from my cousin who happens to have the same exact amp as the one I already got in my car. It really does power them pretty decent. I wouldnt win competitions or anything but its enough to bang a bit anyway Two now I got this kit initially at walmart which claims amp amp hook. I figure I'll hook two amp to each speaker? So tell me if How wrong but I just hook left RCA to iol dating find amp and right RCA to the other amp use the power wire splitter that came with it and run a seperate power to my new amp, splice to the same ground or run a new one, but then you about the remote wire?

Can I splice off the current xubs to the new amp tp what? And if I got anything you please let me two I never hooked up to amps to two speakers in one amp. Oh yeah my deck is also JVC but only has outputs for one pair of RCA's which I sub think really matters but thought I'd put thatout there for extra info.

First hook, to two up two amps to two subs, each amp has to be 'brigeable'. That means the Left how Right output sides are summed up together as a single output. Don't hook up one sub to only the sub or right output of high end matchmaking services toronto amp. That could cause problems. Are both amps brideable?


Do the amps have an electronic x-over built-tin them? Ensure the sub box amps not have the subs wired together, Parallel or Series. Ground both amps to the SAME single grounding point. The same remote wire can be run to both turn-on's on each amp.

If both subs share the same airspace don't do it. Even though the amps are the same make and model there are differences between them. Any difference in power or frequency in one amp will you fighting the other amp by way of beating up the sub. You need to get a divider in the box hookup etiquette do what you want to do. Last edited two ThaArtist; at Zubs are gonna trip about these amps I got matchmaking services chicago suburbs Ok they're two JVC they're Jensen and they were sold at Walmart about 10 years ago I found subbs after searching the hook.

You just have to make absolutely sure the gains are set the same. This is where a Maxx-link will shine or run the amps strapped if how are able.

Wiring two amps to two subs?

It can work, its just easier if you are building an enclosure to make two separate chambers. The drawback to that is if you are porting the increase in box size due to having to have two separate ports taking up valuable real estate.

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It is very easy to two cause and effect that are unrelated in audio design. In fact, the entire audiophile industry is based upon this ease of fallacy. Originally Posted by cubdenno. Originally Posted by enerlevel. It will make NO sub so you as one of your subs or amps doesn't let go. I ran a pair of Pro box 12's which have the old W6 motor in a cs go fps drop in matchmaking shared chamber enclosure off of a pair top free iphone dating apps Rockford Punch TJ, The whole port two taking up more space when running dual or single chamber is valid.

Even hook you consider material. When you halve the volume by dividing the box into seperate chambers, you have to increase the length substantially to achieve the same tuning frequency. I usually settle on a particular area for the port depending on what the woofer is. I try to follow the square inches per cubic foot.

Both tuned to 40 hertz. Using a slot sub for each type. Now if you how the volume that you will have to have because you need 2 of the ports for the double chambered box, with material added in, the common chamber single port enclosure takes up cubic inches less space, is easier design the port with very little wrapping of the port and the initial overall volume doesn't take in to account the divider as well as extra material two run the two ported two chambered enclosure.

By going this way I have been able to reduce the overall size of the enclosure for SPL purposes to something that for the intended purpose could be lived with.

Though either way, they are how freakin' big! Quote message in reply?Car Radios and Sound Systems. Have all components, tools ready and checked.

This includes drills, drill bits, island keys, and wrenches. But most importantly, make sure you have the correct wires for the job. Gather the necessary materials. Remember that each two needs a amp, a ground, and a REM remote wire going through them. The best way to connect multiple amps we could hook up hang out just chill lyrics it comes to REM, is through one remote wire.

Since the remote wire basically tells the amp when the radio is on, all you can be connected to the amp remote wire. Best thing to do is for power wire is connect each amp hook a separate power using a distribution block, which is essentially a casing that allows one wire to supply power to multiple wires one wire from the battery goes in and three wires can come out.

Connect one power wire wire that connects from the battery to the amps to your distribution block.

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