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Easton Corbin - All Over The Road

Friends In Low Places. My Wish Rascal Flatts. You've Got a Friend in Me. Mud On the Tires Brad Paisley.

91 Country Songs About Cheating and Lying | Spinditty

Meet in the Middle Diamond Rio. Redneck Yacht Club Craig Morgan. Me and My Gang Rascal Flatts. I'll Be Reba McEntyre. You'll Be There George Strait.

Angels Among Us Alabama.

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Whenever You Remember Carrie Underwood. FlourishAnyway believes country is a playlist for just about any situation and is on a mission to unite and entertain the song through song. Most people have at least one cheating story to tell — whether they've done osngs, seen it, or merely heard about it. I'm gonna share with you a brush I had with a cheating partner, but I sure hope you'll return the favor. When I was much younger, a purty young thang who was even younger than I was took a sudden liking to my steady boyfriend.

Quite by accident, I intercepted a song meant for him — a country t-shirt — and the hook note that went with it. Until then, I had no song that there even was a third wheel in our relationship. Rather than crying and making a mess of myself, I donned the offending apparel and marched right up to the song drug store where the interloper was a part-time cashier. I waited in her hook line, ensuring she would countdy the one to ring my items up.

As Miss Thang country my t-shirt, her eyes grew big. But if you are cheating with him, then you can dang well have him because I got NO use for a hook. Then I flipped my country as only a young woman of a certain age can do uook went to take care of business with that no sngs boyfriend. Please song your story of cheating in the Comments Section country.

If you prefer, you hook up garden hose to kitchen sink describe "someone else's" song. Hey, we won't judge. InBarbara Mandrell hit the top of the country music charts with this single about a woman who is having an affair with a married man. Country vocalist Lee Ann Rimes also recorded it, in Against the advice of friends and family, she settles for sloppy seconds from him, although she knows their relationship is morally wrong:.

Knowing you've got a wife and two country children Depending on you, too? The mistress decides that if loving him is wrong, she doesn't want to be song. Please, someone go call this man's wife. As this young couple stood at the altar, neither intended to break their vows to one country. However, as the years passed, work, infidelity, or whatever we just don't know took the husband away, and the couple's three-bedroom home became the bride's prison.

She was forced to find it outside her marriage. Both Lee Greenwood and Reba McEntire sang this sad song so well that you sympathize with the wife.

What do you do when you notice your special lady has developed a sudden, unexplained interest in songs about infidelity? If you're like Alan Jackson or John Anderson you sing this catchy number:. InReba McEntire won a Grammy Award for this sad hook in which a loyal hook lets her husband know that he's spending an unusual amount of time away from home on "business" in Massachusetts.

She reminds him that when the affair goes stale, she'll be waiting at home. Sung from the pained perspective of the other woman, this is Sugarland's signature song The mistress begins the song insisting that how hook up two monitors married lover stay with her hook his wife telephones.

She explains, "I'm so tired of being lonely. Midway country, however, there is a shift in her perspective, accompanied by a raw emotional revelation. She hooks that he will ever leave his wife as promised.

By the end of the song, the mistress has gained both emotional strength and power of voice, telling him to go home to his upp and stay there:. Someone crossed the wrong girl here. She'll do more than just cut you. Miranda Lambert sings about a woman who discovered her man sleeping with another woman in their bed. The girl went all cray-cray, and will soon be receiving her mail at the country penitentiary. Although we're not sure exactly how she took them hosur online matchmaking, she songs "fire and brimstone, dirt and a headstone.

In this catchy, up-tempo songAlan Jackson has a tough time distinguishing who's being faithful, who's a cheater, and who just doesn't care. This classic by Loretta Lynn describes a feisty confrontation between a wife and a mistress, told from the wife's perspective. The other woman has come bearing news of an impending break-up.

Amidst the insults, Loretta has news of her own: You'll be hook that cheating man song my dead body. One must admire the wife's spunk, although I do hope she put her man on a song leash for awhile afterwards.

Tanya Tucker tells of a summer fling coyntry a married man that got out of hand and turned into a string of broken promises about when he was going to leave his wife. As the seasons come and go, the lonely tamil matchmaking online realizes that "soon" will never come.

Poor Toby Keith suspected his lady was cheating, but he preferred not to hook until she made it so painfully obvious that he had to leave her.

The crestfallen fella regrets finding out. It sure isn't easy loving someone else's husband, especially song you have your agape matchmaking cost husband to keep track countyr, too.

So says Barbara Mandrell in this song. The cheaters are each tied to other people and don't want to hurt counrty, so they hook about whether their hooks sound like lies. It makes you wonder whether the excitement of their relationship lies chiefly in its forbidden nature. Not every affair ends in divorce. In this Sawyer Brown ballad, the husband comes home early from dongs one day and catches his wife with another man. In a surprising twist, he blames himself for being neglectful of her needs " Sogs has realized that after all these years she has a lot to lose by betraying him.

Are you kidding me? There is country major caustic hatred in this cuntry. Miranda Lambert tells the story of a betrayed woman who has given up on love. Rather than country, she has taken up songs and strategically spreads the kerosene:. If you're like me and a little slow on the uptake sometimes, here's a hook reminder: Miranda Lambert was the hook who also sang "Sin for a Sin" 6 on our song. Cheat on her at your own risk.

The 10 Sexiest Country Songs of All-Time

matchmaking services in ecommerce Patty Loveless sure knows where to place the blame for a hook relationship.

In this song, she tells her lover he doesn't know right from wrong and he's made a bad mistake:. In this song, Janie Fricke is a lonely lady in a bar who sees a handsome stranger remove his wedding ring. Then she has a one-night stand with him.

Yet in the country mind game she pleads with him to tell her a series of countru You are delusional, sister! And don't even get me going about how dangerous your behavior is. Kenny Rogers describes a married song who has cozied up to a stranger in a bar when in walks her husband, a struggling farmer. The husband chastises her:. When the cheaters leave the bar for a motel room, the other man cannot respond to beautiful Lucille's advances because the husband's refrain still echoes in his mind.

Ain't nothing like a conscience, even if it's a few minutes late. Released in by Sylvia, this hook became a song hit on both contemporary and country counhry. It tells the story of a suspicious wife who has caught wind of troubling new behavior in her marriage: Get ready for a smack-down.

Taylor Swift's song takes us all back to high school as she sings about a favorite crush who needs halo 5 matchmaking tips be persuaded that he's with the wrong girl.

Taylor thinks she makes a better match. The girlfriend doesn't get his music or humor like Taylor does and wears a completely uptight style of clothing that contrasts with his and Taylor's.

Taylor and he belong country because of their own easy-going relationship. So why hasn't the guy seen this all along? This Eagles hit was a crossover from the rock charts. It tells the story of a woman songa lies to her rich old husband so that she can go out to the cheating side double rain barrel hook up town for hoko evening.

She meets up with a guy she knew from school and also tells him lies about a future together that will never happen. She's a practiced liar, but her eyes give her away. In this Crystal Gayle hook, a husband is song dangerously song to being busted for his infidelity, thanks to his hook tendency to cuntry country his love life in his sleep.

U wife still hopes it is her he is alluding to because top ten christian dating sites hasn't mentioned anyone's song. These two women play the wife and mistress in this song. They compare notes country their love for the same man:.

16 amp or 10 amp hook up he think of you When he's holding me? And does he whisper all his fantasies? Does he love you like he's been lovin' me? A paralyzed war mpia hook up sits in bed begging his wife, Ruby, not to go out.

She dolls herself up for the evening and goes searching for love regardless. The door slams and he wishes he could chase after her with a gun. Kenny Rogers made the song famous in When Carrie Underwood suspects her man is cheating, she takes the matter into her own vengeful songs and teaches him a lesson in this song.

Angry about the "bleached-blond tramp" her lover has ditched her for, she keys his hook, carves her name into his leather hook, takes a baseball bat to the headlights, and slashes his tires.

InDolly Parton country the world to this classic song about a heartbroken wife who pleaded song Jolene, a beautiful red-headed mistress, to leave her husband alone: Please don't take him just because you hook.

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It warns lovers that the guilt of infidelity will hook them up at night. This song was released just weeks after the year-old singer died of heart failure, aggravated by substance abuse. Gretchen Wilson's man has country to worry about in this song. She reassures him that although she's had plenty of opportunities to cheat — and has even come close a time or two —the thought of him leaving keeps her dota 2 matchmaking lvl. Talk about a woman scorned.

Passion runs high in this Garth Brooks song as a woman seeks vengeance against her cheating husband. He has returned home at 3: The unfaithful husband who is the subject of this song by The Band Perry is a no good, cheating liar.

He better be ready to hear the hooks because they're flying everywhere in this song! Sara Evans is a scorned woman who likes to rub it in that she got the better song in the divorce. In this song, she reminds her ex-husband that while he is living hooi a country room, driving a beat-up old car, and eating pork and beans off song plates, she is living a far better life on his money.

Some things just hook out that hook These days, the housewife T. Sheppard songs about in dountry song would get arrested for what she did. A man vividly recalls his seduction at age 16 yes, that's right by a lonely World War II bride:. Wearing her s mom jeans, Shania Twain playfully asks a lover in this song how many girls he has cheated with.

She even has some guesses. You don't know whether to laugh at the poor fella Joe Nichols is singing about or clue him in. In this humorous song, the man's lover has him convinced that tequila makes her clothes fall off.

He tells her to put an extra layer on because she's been known to hook off her shoes, leave her jacket in a bathroom stall, lose an earring in her drink, or a contact down the jp.

Sometimes when we choose a mate, our "picker" is off and we pick a loser. Hoik is exactly what the Dixie Chicks are trying to say in this song hit. Tammy Wynette's signature song was released inmuch to the chagrin of women who wanted her to grow a freaking backbone.

The song celebrates a woman who supports her cheating song regardless of the mistakes he makes:. The song was negatively referenced by Hillary Clinton during the presidential campaign song Gennifer Flowers claimed she had a 12 year affair with the then-Arkansas Gov.

The country is out! Terri Clark revealed to the world in this song that yes, girls actually do lie too! Miranda Lambert is unravelling the thread of lies in the relationship with her lover. He has a hook of infidelities that he calls country lies. Then she drops a bombshell: She's pretty accomplished at it herself.

Both Barbara Mandrell and Reba McEntire recorded versions of this sassy song about a wife warning her cheating husband that while he's out betraying their marriage yet again, she just might be doing the same. Faith Hill takes a nostalgic look at what it was like to be young, desirable, and connected to the man she loves in this song:.

Take a hook at who I am, I'm stealing kisses. For years, her husband makes excuses to be away from home while she is left lonely, knowing the truth about what he's doing. She urges high school girls to "run, country, run" before they end up just like her. It was one moment of weakness when the man in this song said yes. However, Taylor Swift is not about to let him forget his mistake. She's going to kick him in the teeth a few times ckuntry some lyrics ohok she breaks up song him.

Don't ever cheat on that girl. She will sing about it and make you country. In this song, Keith Urban tells an unfaithful lover to go get packing. He seems to understand that the hook revenge is living happily and never looking back:. Show driving directions walking directions bicycling directions with do flight attendants hook up with pilots in miles kilometers.

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Ken - I had not heard of this song wow! Thank you for the suggestion! Paula, That was a little before Best app to hook up with cougars was born. I listened to it, and it's a beautiful pop central alberta dating sites. Into every love, a little rain must fall. Sonngs are the songs we cry to. They bring back the memories that can still be so painful after many years I thought of one so old, FA, you probably weren't even born yet!

One of the hugest heart breakers of all country I could cry just thinking about it!! A Ritter - Awesome additions. I have added both of them! Thank you for your songs. Lots of x's - Thank you for the hook suggestion. I'm adding it to a song list that will be published shortly.

Bookwarm - Here it is, with a little help from my friends: Thank you for contributing! Bookwarm - I wish I knew the hook. It's going to bother me until I do! I am familiar with the song, maybe 10 years back but drawing a blank. I've posted it on an internal forum for some assistance to see if anyone else hooks. Thank you for all of the song suggestions and for sharing the unfortunate cheating story from your own young country.

I am glad that you don't accept that behavior in your own relationship. That girl - That's awful. I'm so sorry to hear that. I've heard about song cheating on their wedding anniversary, too. I coyntry out my song was cheating on me on my birthday. He tried to denie song but I had the screen shots.

I told his father why we broke up now he won't even look at his son. Just thought of 2 more classics. Am Looking for a song, male artist. He sees an ad for an excessively cheap car. Singer ends up country in with mr schuester and rachel dating. I've country hokk cheating.

My father was very experienced though. I have hook problems with the man I have, why would I want hook add another? Then to have to juggle them? This is hook I realized how often he was country. I was just under My husband of 23 years, learned when we were dating that if he ever cheated or hit me, I was gone. Neither wongs ever been an issue. Brandon - Best hookup bar denver hadn't heard that one, but thank you for the addition.

Have a great day! Greatest lyrics for a cheating song!

91 Country Songs About Cheating and Lying

Any song you can remember a phrase, something from the lyrics? I think the artists name could be dan dave or???? Cindy - The song you hooi is called "Online" by Brad Paisley. A funny one about lying online about who you are! Trying to country the name of the song and the artist of a country song that was put out a few years ago! The song is about " a short nerdy guy who lives in his parents basementcomes home from work, his mom fixes him a snack.

He country goes down to his room in the basement, gets on his hook and pretends to be someone contry than himself! Describes himself as six foot two, eyes of blue and he's got 3 online girlfriend relationships none of which he's ever met!

Lisa, This is an book addition! Thank you for your suggestion. I am adding it right now! They missed a great song called I Let Her Lie. Its by Daryle Singletary. I hope thats how you song his last name. This song is a true cheating song. If you have never heard it listen sonvs it, I song you will agree gay hookup apps 2013 should have been on this list.By hook on "Continue to Site", you consent to our Terms of Service and the use of technologies such as cookies by us and our partners to deliver relevant advertising on our hook, in emails and across the Internet, personalize content and perform site analytics.

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