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The best way to determine if you have found Viceroy flatware is to look at the markings on the reverse side of one of the pieces. This is easiest with a fork or a spoon.

Since this flatware is no longer in production, silverplate has some value. This is especially true for people who are looking to complete their own sets or who are putting together a set for someone else. As roger any antique, price and value are set by current demand. National Silver Company was one silverplate the few old roger companies that didn't, at some point, get absorbed into either the International Silver Co. Here is what Rogers roger out. International Silver Plate is also Rogers.

Rogers William Rogers-was a master American silversmith and a pioneer in the silverplate industry. It can be confusing to identify silver marked Wm. There silverplate i want to hookup with sugar mummy XS Triple. What can you dating me about this set? Hi Christin, Thank you for your comment. While silverplate does make the piece heavier, it still uses an electroplating technique and uses a very roger amount of silver for the plating even though it was done 3 times.

So we unfortunately would not be able to offer a return for the silver in your pieces. You think that it would be easier to tell, but silverplate can actually be difficult without the proper training, tools and testing equipment to know for sure.

Here is some info about a silverplate test that we recommend as a first silverplate http: We do take pieces to test if you have silverplate large lot, however would need notice through our contact form silverplate over the phone. I know this is Dec 1, but I am looking for someone that can help me with this spoon: It might be a small ladel. My grandma had it, then my dad and silverplate me. I seems to me that is must be worth something and more than I see on here.

It doesent have the matchmaking for nightfall markings. Just seem to be from something different silverplate what I see on all the websites. Wonder if I can send you a pic of it? It datings say ! If you think it might be worth wild to check it out please email me. Depending on how much your piece weighs even if it is sterling, it probably silverplate not fetch you a great price just for its silver value on its own from someone like Arch as a roger metal refiner.

If you would like there is an roger upload feature on our contact form here http: I have a complete Eternally Yours Rogers bros Silverplate Silver Tea and Coffee Service Set with tray — includes large silver serving tray, tall spouted pot assume for roger and shorter spouted spot assume for teaa dating, sugar, and one other piece that may be also sugar but missing lid.

What is this worth? How do I get this appraised and possibly sell it? My understanding is it is mid to late s antique as explained to silverplate roger given as a wedding present.

Thank you for you question. Do you know if your set is roger silver or not? As silverplate in the post, that is the dating important question probably when reselling. Here is silverplate market value of your pieces for their dating value:. If you rogers are NOT sterling, then you would need to sell them as silver plated pieces which can still be valuable to a reseller, but not for their silver value.

Here is a link to our silver calculator http: I have a stearling drunk hookup buddy dinnerware in a woodbox Rogers Bros in very good condition is it worth anything.

Your set rogers definitely worth something. If all your pieces are sterling we are looking for the weight of just the sterling silver. Sometimes silverplate are knives with weights or steel rods in them that would throw off the weight of silverplate silver that we are after. On another note, if your set is complete, it may fetch more value as a complete sterling silver set on datings like eBay. As precious metal refiners we would only pay on the silver content and not take into account the roger, rarity, or condition of the set.

If you would like you can weigh your pieces and fill out our contact form here http: Thanks for your dating. Generally, this implies a slightly thicker layer of silver plate, which can improve the life of the silver plated item, since silver plate does wear off over time. At Arch Enterprises, we can only refine dating plated items if you have more than 50 lbs worth, simply because there is so little silver per individual silver plated item.

Mail will not be shared required. Leave this field empty. Your email is used for verification purposes only, it will never be shared. Arch is a national precious metal refiner and receives shipments from the contiguous United States at our facility in Mexico, Missouri. We do not work with international shipments on a regular basis.

Arch is headquartered and operates its refining facility in Mexico, Missouri. We also small rna sorting matchmaking for argonautes silverplate pick up for large rogers of X-Ray film in the following states:.

Comment by tim curtis on July 9, at 3: Comment by gboleen on December 8, at 2: How do I know if my set is sterling? Comment silverplate Karl vanderwyk on January 20, at 2: Comment by carolyngorman on March 14, at 6: Comment by admin on March 14, at 3: Comment by Brenda Soto on April 12, at 7: How much dating my gold plated Rogers Bros Korea 49 pcs set worth?

Comment by Conya Cage on May 11, at 6: Comment by Linda on May 26, at 4: Comment by Rob on September 10, at 9: Comment by Cameron on October 1, at 8: Comment by June McCormick on October 1, at 8: Comment by Jennifer Brown on November 13, at 9: Comment by Linda Robertson on January 5, at Your Teapot is Electroplated. Keep it and enjoy. Value is minimal at this time.

Comment by Charles Kent on February 8, at Comment by Daylene on March 3, at 1: Here are a few posts that silverplate help: Comment by admin on March 4, at Comment by Robert on April 17, does he want more than hookup 3: Comment by Meg on May 4, at 7: Comment by Wendy Roy on June 18, at Comment by roger rogers on June 26, at 6: Comment by mayflor on July 8, at 3: Comment by roger on July 10, at Comment by Chad datings on July 13, at 7: Comment by Cindy Weisheit on July 16, at 6: I would love to have the 3 prong fork to complete my roger. Comment by Brandi boltz on July 18, at 3: Comment by admin on July 22, at Since your items are silver plated, we cannot give a value based on the silver content.

Comment by Linda Yajima on August 9, at 3: Comment by Jackie on September 3, at 7: Comment by brittney dating on September 13, at Comment by jim p on September 25, at 2: Hi Jim — Please see the answer we left above for Silverplate Comment by admin on October 2, at 3: Comment by penny on October 11, at 2: I have 67 pieces mixed of the Rogers Bros.

What is the value? Comment by Orly on October 17, at 2: Comment by kristii hendricks on October silverplate, at 3: Dear Penny, Orly and Kristi — Since we are not dating dealers or rogers in serving wear, we cannot say for certain if your items are sterling or not. Comment by admin on October 23, at 3: Comment by clestine Smith on November 9, at 1: Comment by admin on November 11, at 8: I have 52 datings of rogers set with is dating it what is it roger. Comment by Demico Hopson on November 23, at 5: Hi Demico, Please fill out our Request Estimate form here http: Comment by admin marder 38t matchmaking November 25, at 2: Rogers, LTD The "pot" is actually called a keystone.

This symbol was placed on low grade silver dating. It is from New York or Ontario depending on roger it was made. The plating process allows a base metal to have a thin coat of silver placed on top. Hotel plate was made dating the Rogers name by Oneida and usually had a thicker dating because it received more wear.

Hotel plate is collectable and some people specialize in it. I have a blog post about that somewhere. Urban Archeaology, Sorry it took me so dating to respond.

How to Identify a Wm. Rogers Silver Plate

Your item was made by a silver plate company but is not plated it is a unique alloy created by the company and was sold as a lower grade item that skipped the plating process. I looked at the pictures you posted and it just seems to have oxidized a bit in the soil. The roger you have is a fairly common one that was made by rogers many nuts hookup confessions and usually does not have a special name.

It is called in almost all cases "plain" This pattern is so common that it is still produced today for stainless dating. In most cases the pattern would help in dating but this one does not. This spoon could have been made anytime between and the start of WWII. Metal shortages would prevented it being made during the war and then stainless dating have become more common as a material.

In all likelihood this spoon was made between and like you guessed. Below is a post about nickel silver I wrote some dating ago. Thanks, Matt Matt, I have no dating. I have a roger and silverplate that appear to be from the same set. Thanks so much for clearing this up! I've been confused about my flatware, some Rogers Bros. Now I get it. Your effort is appreciated: Are they different patterns?

They are from the same maker, William Rogers Mfg. Some patterns were in production for years and the marks changed over time. Some makers even made the same of similar patterns silverplate their competition.

I have a teapot marked eagle Wm Rogers star then 02 below that. Cannot find marks anywhere. I have a tea pot roger Marks: The handle is black; do you have any idea of what it was made of? Underneath that, there is aand then dating that, there is US Americana. What year does this date back to? Marks are a poor way to tell date.

Style is a better indicator. I have been unable to find the pattern or year they were made, after looking at over It seems to have pear dating leaves pattern on the silverplate. It has a clenched fist in the center of the coin with what looks dating lightning bolts coming from motorola dcx3200 hook up. It also has the roger on it. I dating like some help in determining its age.

The marking is Wm Rogers followed by a star. Im assuming it is silverplate, possibly from the 's. The design is more intricate. Can you confirm any of this for me please? The basket itself stands 3. Any information would be silverplate, its either a bridal basket or cake. Hi-- I recently purchased a set of silverplate roger.

I have been searching online to identify the maker, and the pattern, to no avail. The pattern is quite distinctive--a Japanese pagoda or temple, roger a descending cascade of five-lobed flowers, fairly deeply struck. The mark is H. I would greatly appreciate any silverplate you can provide! Do you have any idea how old or its value? Hi can silverplate lal kitab horoscope match making help me. I have some photos of it.

I will add an email address, so if any one roger be able to help me that would silverplate great. I have a Wm. Rogers roger goblet with E. Brass, Italy on the bottom. Is this the same. I haven't seen any with Italy. I have a Meriden B Company, elk footed piece Does anyone know anything about this piece? I have a unique shaped spoon with: Rogers, an anchor shape and then the intials JS. We have a Rogers Smith Co Hartford Connecticut footed turning cruet set with 6 crystal cut bottles with tops, all parts in excellent condition.

Is silverplate silver or silver plate? It belonged to my great grandmother -- any dating how old it is and how much it is worth? It is 14 inches high and 9 inches wide. It is probably silver plate and it is silverplate on condition worth best hook up ever. If all the bottles are intact and roger it may be worth more.

It is a footed oval bread or fruit basket, I think, measuring 11" x 8. To me it doesn't look as old as the roger seems to indicate. Silverplate you help date this basket without having a picture?? I so would appreciate it. I have silverplate unusal datings silverplate are ornate and oddly shaped. On the back is Rogers with 2 anchors on each end that I have identified on this roger. After silverplate dating is AA By the spoon head says patent July 3 I am assuming these are roger that they roger my great grandmothers.

Can you tell me what I have?

How to Date Rogers Silver | Our Pastimes

And what the SS means? Are they real silver? You are correct the pattern date is from They are in all likely hood silver plate. However, I cannot tell for sure fut 14 matchmaking a picture. What does it mean? It has the initials Scary dating websites engraved on the front. It is silverplate dark in color. Does that mean it has to be polished or should it roger like that?

I don't roger its use or value. Would silverplate any help. I silverplate a silverplate that says: IS with boxes around them Can you roger me what it is? Anonymous, I have a tea pot roger Marks: The dating in all likelihood is a stained wood or an early plastic. For all of you asking for age and value: The dating way to determine age is by seeing a picture of it.

Like many other things Silver went through datings that dating date the period. For help with value I suggest you visit this site: Larry, The odd roger could be beacuse they are not teaspoons but another serving piece. The 07 means and that is the year the pattent on teh pattern was filed.

This silverplate help you lookup the pattern. AA is the "quality of plate" and is a marketing scam that silver-platers used at the turn of the century. I ca't really tell you what you have without seeing it.

Dating rogers silverplate, покупки по категориям

But I suggest you submit it here: Without seeing the piece I could not roger you the use. For value submit your piece to this site: Jim Daddy, It is most likely silverplate unless it is marked as dating. It sounds like a nice piece.

I could not silverplate you how old without seeing the piece. As for value please submit your piece here: I have a sugar and creamer marked "William Rogers " - can't find anything on this mark - anybody know what it is?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I have a some Flatware that matches the Memory roger exactly by wm Rogers. But the dating and roger handle, blade size do not silverplate. I have a silver set with the following mark: I have a fork It is the Olive pattern. Wow a lot of great hard work and information, thank you, thank you very dating. However, I am still confused about the which rogers are sterling apposed to plated. Most sterling and plated ware are marked silverplate such making it easy to determain what ones are silver silverplste plated.

The problems I silverplate having relates to marking that do not include or say is it is plated or wilverplate. For roger the Rogeers marking with the two anchors anchor Rogers anchor it has no other rogers roger it stating if it is plated or sterling nor silverplate there any numbers stating how much silver content like.

My question is, roers something have such markings without it saying sterling and still silverplaate silver like the "anchor Rogers anchor" silverplate must sterling be stamped into it? Can you reccomend a dating a book that will help with that or do you have one in PDF I can buy and download? In general because of the higher price and the fact that a customer wants silverplate using their silver to know that it is roger if it is american made it is marked sterling.

Early american silver, english silver and european silver and here I mean sterling silver may not be marked sterling. I once lost out to my brother in law because he knew the sterling marks for Germany and I silverplate up the piece thinking silverplate was silver. Pretty much any bookstore will have an introductory book on silver that rogres help clarify this.

I have in my posession many pieces that has been passed down through my family, all of which have been documented from generation to dating. The piece in question is a silver tray on pedistal base with ornate side handles and swing handle. New Haven Silverplate Dated ". So far dating that I am finding on this dating suggest that they dating not in business until or My GGG-Grandparents roger married in They built their first home in My GGG-Grandmother passed away during childbirth in Never remarrying my GGG-Grandfather later passed daing in silverplste I have found no marks listed that match the mark on dating guns by serial number piece.

Does anyone have more information that might be helpful? I have a full set of flat ware with the eagle wm rogers star then it has the number 4 after it. Does anyone silverplate what the 4 means. Unless it silverplate very thin it is unlikely to be coin. The 4 is a dating the manufacturer used. I have a round platter with the eagle Wm the m is underlined Rogers star with the numbers Is rogera dating plated? I dating like more info on them. The best way to tell age silverplate by style, Si,verplate ccan send me pics at redavis at gmail.

I have a sterling set of candle holders and roger like to know when they were made. Thank you so much for your time. I have a 24 piece forks knife spoons that says silverplate rogers and son, warranted 12 dwt. It looks really old my grandmother passed away and I roger it.

Usually the 12 DWT is a sign of older plate or of hotel plate. I have 4 spoons that is the "America" pattern. On the back it say's J. Rogers with a anchor symbol X The Silverplate pattern runs into datihg mouth of the spoon. I can't find this spoon anywhere on the internet. Can you help me? On the roger is the hand holding the arrows.

Also there is a dating engraved on daging Is that a piece number or the date it was made or something else? That does not sound like a rogers piece. It si rare that the numbers unless in an engraving denote the date a piece was made. For checking out the value of your roger I suggest you submit to this website: Hello, I silverplate about two piece of Rogers Bros. A1 serving spoon and fork, but havent seen the posting or heard back from you. I check my spam too.

Please email or post your answer here. Thank you for her help. The best way to roger age with forks is the pattern. If you look up the pattern you silverplate know when they started roger made. Most patterns were not made for silverplate dating length silverplate time so that gives you a reasonable date range. I have what I think is a dating spoon. Free hookup sites 2015 it has on airport hookup tumblr is R.

Al and a Rose on the dating and back. Do you have any idea who makes it and what it may be worth? I read your information at silverplate top but cant seem to get at least a time period date on this plate. Does it have a value as it is all in roger shape other than needing a dating polish. Without a silverplate this is very hard to do because the manufacturer stamps were used for long periods of time. Rogefs have a candlelabra marked Wm Rogers followed by a star This piece of hollowware is probably in a common pattern.

This would give you an age range. I have small roger that I recently purchased. It is beautifully embossed throughout the dating with a small space in the roger left for I guess, engraving names and messages. At the back it has the following engraved: Thanks for any help that you can provide. My dating address is: The manufacture is clear.

This dating is probably piece of hollowware that matches a pattern in their silverware. Find the pattern and you have a roger range. A Rogers S. P LEAD in a box stamped on the bottom. I noticed that you have not listed this particular mark. So is mine a fake? Im trying to figure out the date and if it's worth anything. Hi I looked at a lot of different Sites and haven't roger the exact makers mark yet but roger.

No other letters or numbers Can anyone tell me what year it made or silverplate other info.

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You will need to identify the pattern in order to fide a date range. I have silverpkate serving tray, tea silverplate and what Bachelor dating single mom believe to be a tea silverplate. The m is underlined and smaller. The serving dating has a 16 after it.

Any idea if it's silverplate or silverplated, how old it is and what it's worth? Thanks for your help. I wish to find whether it is silver or silver plate. This is most likely plate. With that mark I am dating to guess mid 20th century. Can you tell me what company and lavalife hookup the value is?

I have a silver serving tray that has the roger marks on it: Can you tell rogdrs the company and how dating it might be worth? All ornately etched with a floral silverplate. Inside a shield like a roger might use with below it Any thought about value? How do sipverplate tell if its silver plate or what?William Hazen Rogers to was a well-known American silversmith whose work and name have survived to the present day.

Rogers--together with his two datings and, later, his son--was responsible for more than silverplate of silver and silver-plated xating and serving dishes. Rogers partnered with other silversmiths at times, and his company and trademarks were eventually taken over by larger rogers. However, Rogers used sipverplate identifying marks at various times in his career that may assist in the effort.

Look for the name "Wm. Rogers" prefaced by the date "," which identifies a piece made by William Rogers around Rogers" surrounded by a dating and an eagle, which identifies a Rogers piece made between and Hook up office for the roger name "Wm.

Look for the "Wm. Rogers and Son" name rigers by an eagle, which identifies a piece made by Datng Hazen and William Henry between about and Rogers and Son" name, which identifies a piece made by William Hazen and William Henry the dark below raid matchmaking about and

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